Sunday, May 09, 2010

Rain's greeting at '2010 Green Ribbon Hope Walking Campaign' on May 9


MC: Joining us now is singer Rain, despite his busy and hectic schedules.

Welcome Rain.


Rain: Hi, everyone. Long time no see.


MC: I'm as tense as you are, because I've just got to see Rain close up.

Rain has donated his head set mike, T shirt, his cap, etc. every campaign, and has helped to find the missing children. This is his 2nd year since attending this charity event.

What did you decide to attend this event?


Rain: I've thought, first and most importantly, I should not hesitate in doing anything good.

Even though material needs may be met, what I lead the van in this great movement seems to be more important, so I hope that will help any further. I'm delighted to be part of this movement with many of you.


MC: I guess Rain is so popular all over the world, not only because of singing and acting very well, but also because of doing such a good thing.

Thank him for coming to this event.

Could you send parents whose loved children have been disappeared a message of hope?


Rain: It is extremely regrettable that their children have been disappeared, and I'm so sorry to hear about the situation, so I want to offer their families my commiseration.

And I think more people including me should step forward to help any further to find the missing children.


MC: I believe Rain's message will be very uplifting to them.

Now, Rain'll have time to provide the fund raised by Stars' Collections Auction Campaign and Green Ribbon Hope Walking Campaign.

I'd appreciate it if all of the guests would join us.


(When Rain bowed deeply to his big senior and actor 'Choi Bool-Ahm', the audience exclaimed.)


MC: All proceeds, 92,277,007 KRW, from the Stars' Collections Auction Campaign and the Green Ribbon Hope Walking Campaign and the campaign sponsors, will go to the Children Foundation to help find the missing children. Please give a big hand.


MC: Please send the green balloons into the air with carrying the hope of all the people for the missing children's safe return, shouting 'Green, Hope'.

I'll say 'One, two, three, go!' as a signal for you to start.


MC: let's all give a big hand to world star Rain who has taken time out of his busy schedule.

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