Friday, May 14, 2010

Rain to MBLAQ Lee Joon, "I hope you can be more careful with your words"

Singer actor Rain joked about how MBLAQ Lee Joon should be more careful with his words.

Rain and Lee Joon were both guest appearances on KBS 'Happy Together 3' aired on 13th May. MC Yoo JaeSeok asked Lee Joon, "Aren't you nervous doing broadcast appearance together with president Rain?" Lee Joon replied honestly, "(Nervous) like crazy".

With Lee Joon's comment, Rain said, "I'm really friendly." And added, "I am not president byt a producer who teaches the know-hows I have. I hope you don't think of it as difficult," hinting to Lee Joon to do the filming naturally and comfortably.

He then added at the end, jokingly, saying, "I hope you will be careful with your words."

Meanwhile, remember how Lee Joon revealed that Rain had called him 'darling' and did aegyo to him once which left him flustered? Rain's explanation was "Even though I've said that before, but it was not what it meant. I think I have short term memory loss."

Source: Maxmovie, Asiae
Credit: K Bites


MBLAQ Lee Joon reveals an episode where Rain called him by 'darling'

MBLAQ Lee Joon reveals an incident where Rain had called him by 'darling'.

Part of group MBLAQ groomed by Rain, Lee Joon confesses the incident which had left him feeling flustered. The 2 of them were on the recently filming of 'Happy Together' when Lee Joon was asked if he had ever seen a side to Rain which is not the strict side of him. Lee Joon then replied that he had gone to Cebu with Rain before for a photoshoot filming.

Rain was swimming really coolly when he brushed back his hair and did aegyo towards him by saying "Darling darling darling~". Lee Joon’s confession had the others at the show laughing. Lee Joon said he is still puzzled as to why Rain did that and he was flustered back then. Rain then gave his explanations to why he did so.

Stay tuned to Happy Together 3 aired on 13th May at 11.15pm to find out why Rain did that to Lee Joon.

Source: BNTNews
Credit: K Bites

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