Monday, May 17, 2010

RAIN stole Kim Tae Woo's choreography?

Kim Tae-woo recently stated on an episode of KBS "Invincible Youth" that aired on May 14, 2010 that Rain has used his choreography from "Love Rain" for Rain's new single, "Love Song". He stated that Rain had admitted the fact that the part of the choreography for "Love Rain" where Kim Tae-woo raises his arms are similar to the part in Rain’s "Love Song" where he raises his arm, as well. G7 (Sunny and Yuri of SNSD, Narsha of Brown-Eyed Girls, Goo Ha-ra from Kara, Hyo-min from T-ara, and Sun-hwa from Secret) continually criticized him throughout the episode for his stubborn non-sense plagiarism accusations.

Kim Tae-woo is probably joking since he is very close friends with Rain, but do you think that Rain stole the arm-raising move from Kim Tae-woo?

Below are performances of "Love Rain" and "Love Song" by Kim Tae-woo and Rain.



Source: Popseoul

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