Friday, May 21, 2010

Rain steams up M! Countdown with Hip Song!

Mnet Countdown_200510 (3)

This evening, Rain amped up the sexy once again with a performance of Hip Song on Mnet M! Countdown. True, it's nice to see Rain’s softer side with his hit ballad Love Song, but how can any sane female say no to a live performance of Hip Song?

A few weeks after the release of his first comeback music video, it was announced that Rain would be collaborating with the ever-famous Jackie Chan for a second MV for Hip Song. Furthermore, the singer has also been busy cheering for Korea in the spirit of the FIFA World Cup and making girls swoon left and right.

This evening, Rain along with his crew sported M&M-themed outfits with superheroes. Although his wardrobe has been met with mixed reviews, it seems that the entire crowd is loving his stage charisma, ad libs and all.

I don't know about you, but Rain's old tracks (It's Raining anyone?) were some the jewels that got me hooked to kpop way back when, and with Hip Song, this music king have proven that he’s still got the magic touch. Check out his groove below!

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