Saturday, May 01, 2010

Rain said, "Rending my shirt once is worth a thousand songs."

Episode 1:

During SBS show program 'Intimate Note - Luxurious Dining Table' aired on April 30, Rain expressed, "During my hard times, my house was foreclosed and turned over to a bank, so I swore I would wreak vengeance on the bank someday, but the bank finally went bankrupt.

After that, I banked at another bank which had acquired the bankrupt one, and then I bought a new house to my father. I believe that I took vengeance on the bank that was my archenemy because it had taken my house.

Episode 2:

Rain confessed, "I was recently taken to the emergency room and got an IV injection after drinking far too much because singer Psy egged on me to drink the night before a live broadcast (Mnet 'Mcountdown') in which I was scheduled to appear.

Episode 3:

Rain said, "Rending my shirt once is worth a thousand songs, that is believed to be an expression of my thanks to all my fans who come to see me. I believe keeping my well-shaped body is a manner towards my fans."

Source: My Daily, My Daily, Newsen
Brief translation credit: rain

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