Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rain said, "I once had a date with a female entertainer, but now I'm on good terms with her just as a friend.

In a recent interview with OBS TV, Rain expressed, "Once, I had a date with a female entertainer, but now we are on friendly terms with each other, monitoring the programs each of us appears on after breaking up."

When Rain was asked in regard to female singer 'Lee Hyo-Ri's remarks "I ever looked on Rain as a man" in a show program, he answered, "I think that was meant as a compliment for me, so I want to thank her for having a high opinion of me. I've gotten along with her as a colleague in the entertainment industry for more than 10 years."

About having got a concussion during his concert, he expressed, "At that time, I was so sick I couldn't even lift a finger for a week, but I endured by using my willpower. Now I'm fully recovered from my injuries."

Meanwhile, the interview with Rain will be aired on OBS TV 'Unique Entertainment News' from the 19th to 20th, for two days, at 9:30pm.

Source: Kuki News
Brief translation by rain

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