Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rain said, "Criticism becomes the foundation for something better for me."

Rain appeared in SBS TV show program 'Strong Heart' aired on the afternoon of the 11th and recalled, "I entered the US movie world after many complications, but there was nothing so hard to bear as loneliness, depression, and extreme diet."

Continuing, "I found that the hollywood management world is a dog-eat-dog, and they figure out whether one actor or actress is marketable or not. When they decide they no longer consider him or her worth it, he or she will be excluded without remorse as if their calendar is changed."

"That's why I had to kept filming, saying 'That's OK', although the staffs said, 'Let's stop and rest' during the Ninja Assassin shooting."

He was applauded after saying, "Criticism has become the foundation for something better for me. I usually try to calm down in my heart of hearts whenever I am in trouble. The reason why I do so is to jump high and farther."

Meanwhile, during this broadcast, Rain, 'Lee Tae-Gon', 'Jung Chan-Woo', 'Jung Ga-Eun', 'Lee Chae-Young', 'Epichigh', 'Tiara's 'Hyo Min', 'Park Ki-Woong', After School's 'Park Ga-Hee' and 'Nana', and MBLAQ's GO and so on appeared and showed off their outspoken and witty words.

Source: Asia Economy
Brief translation credit: rain

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