Friday, May 14, 2010

Rain proves himself to become the most sought-after star for various programs

Happy Together

During KBS show program 'Happy Together' aired on May13th, 5 male group's member 'Lee Joon' discovered and trained by Rain, told the guests several amusing anecdotes about Rain without a moment's hesitation, so the situation embarrassed Rain.

'Lee Joon' said, doing a funny imitation of Rain, "Rain tends to lose his temper. At the beginning, he appears in our practice room with a smiling face, but he huffs irritably when leaving", which caused the audience to burst out laughing.

Continuing, "Since we fear to speak in his presence and avoid eye contact with him, he told us one day, 'Go easy on me'."

When 'Lee Joon' said this, imitating Rain's speaking-style where he appears to be annoyed, gagman 'Park Myung-Soo' couldn't keep himself from laughing after seeing that, and Rain tried to talk some sense into 'Lee Joon', "I assure you I wasn't angry with you"

Although Rain's face expressed perplexity, 'Lee Joon' continued his exposes of Rain, "When I asked him to buy fried chicken, using my childlike charms, he started to watch us as we practiced before buying it for us. But after watching us, he burst out, "I don't think you practice enough! How can you ask me to buy fried chicken in a situation like this?"

'Lee Joon' kept on talking, "Rain usually pours forth wisdom after getting angry.", which made the audience laugh.

Meanwhile, each of the TV show programs in which Rain appeared, has recorded the highest ratings ever.

Likewise, thanks to the witty words of Rain, KBS 'Happy Together' recorded 16.5% viewer ratings, recording the highest ratings in 3 months, and ranked frst among all the shows at the same time in ratings.

This demonstrates that he has become the most sought-after star for various programs.

Source: Max Movie & Money Today's Sar News
Brief translation credit: rain

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