Friday, May 28, 2010

Rain invited to 2010 MTV Movie Awards will leave for LA on June 3rd

Singer and actor Rain has been invited to 2010 MTV Movie Awards and will attend the awards ceremony to be held upcoming June 6th.

Rain's agent J.Tune Entertainment expressed on the 28th, "Rain has been invited from the head office of America's biggest music channel MTV, so he'll leave for LA on June 3rd in order to attend 2010 MTV Movie Awards."

This year marks 19 years that MTV Movie Awards have been held, and the awards are composed of unique and unusual races, Best Kiss, Biggest Badass Star, etc. to given examples. As the list of winners has been complied from their online poll from the viewers' votes, it is more characteristically popular.

Rain who has successfully been established as one of the rising stars in the hollywood for his performance in Ninja Assassin, has been one of the final candidates, including actress 'Angelina Jolie', in Biggest Badass Star section, beating hollywood's best actors such as 'Brad Pitt', 'Matt Damon'. 'Thom Cruise', ' Denzel Washington' an so on.

In the awards ceremony to be held in LA's Gibson Amphitheatre upcoming June 6th, 'Thom Cruise', 'Cameron Diaz', 'Adam Sandler', Twilight series' 'Robert Pattinson' and 'Kristen Stewart', etc. will appear as presenters, and singer 'Christina Aguilera' will give a performance.

Source: Asia Economy
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