Friday, May 21, 2010

Rain clarifies rumours of scandal between Lee Hyori and himself on TV for the first time

Singer Rain clarifies for the first about the 'radio scandal talk' with Lee Hyori on TV.

Rain was on KBS Happy Together 3 on 20th May when he was asked, "Didn't you and Lee Hyori had a scandal after having a speical dance stage." Lee Hyori then explained, "It's became of the strange talk he seemingly had on a radio show."

Rain then explained, "Even though I only talk about it now, the truth is that I was actually in Hong Kong then for my concert. It was after that when I realised that it was a joke posted up on the internet by an elementary school kid."

Lee Hyori then added jokingly, "It would be good if you have spoken up when the rumours arose."

Source: Asiae
Credit: K bites

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