Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rain at Cartier 'Love Will Embrace U' exhibition

Cartier, Love will Embrace

Luxury brand 'Cartier Korea' will hold 'Exhibition of Love' in celebration of 'Day of Love' on June 3rd.

Cartier Korea which made every June 3rd the 'Day of Love' in order to deliver the message of love to the world, has donated some of the proceeds from the exhibition to IVI (International Vaccine Institute).

This year, to help by getting involved in this exhibition, 10 top stars including Rain posed for the camera, clasping colourful 'Love Summer' bracelets around their wrists.

The pictures of the stars playing cupids for 'Day of Love' will be exhibited in Cheongdam-dong's 'Maison Boutique, Seoul, from June 4 through June 13. (call : 02-518-0748)

Source: High Cut
Brief translation credit: rain

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