Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rain and Lee Hyori to Host a Radio Show Together

Apart from being an actor, singer, producer and fashion designer, Rain, expressed another interest in a new field which is radio hosting.

On May 2nd, Rain who was a guest on SBS Power FM 'Park So Hyun's Love Game' confessed his interest as a DJ for a radio show. He would also choose Lee Hyori as a co-host out of the female celebrities. Rain said, "I think I would be able to host a radio well with Lee Hyori because we are really close friends".

When being asked about his preference for a radio show to host, he answered, "Park So Hyun nuna's 'Love Game' time slot is the perfect time." Rain also joked, "I wonder if I will earn a lot of money as a DJ."

Rain was asked to choose the best girl group but he gave a 'safe' answer by saying, "All of them work really hard and are really good". However, Rain expressed his worries of being called 'ahjusshi' by the newcomers. He then joked, "The trainees that Park JinYoung hyung are training now call him 'ahjusshi' and he gets upset by it and it makes me think 'I will not become like him."

Rain is absolutely a multi-talented man. I bet if Rain and Lee Hyori really host a radio show together, the show will have skyrocket popularity in no time. Well, would you like to hear Rain's voice as a DJ in the radio?

Source: Lee
Tanslation: OHHxbby
Credit :Kpoplive / lee hyori soompi thread

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