Monday, May 10, 2010

[Notice from rain-jihoon] Rain's schedule (May10~May16)

May 10 (Mon)
May 11 (Tue)

CF shooting

May 12 (Wed)
12:00~ SBS Power FM 'Choi Howa-Jung's 'Power Time' (live)
14:30~ Autograph party (iPark Mall 'Sinnara' in Yongsan)
16:00~ Autograph party (Music Korea in Myung-dong)
19:00~ Autograph party (Kyobo Hottracks in Kangnamgu)
22:00~ MBC FM4U 'Yun Doo-Joon&IYOU's 'Close Friend'(recording)

May 13 (Thu)
18:00~ m.countdown
23:15~ KBS2 Happy Together 3 (broadcast)
24:00~ Mnet 'Kim Je-Dong' show (broadcast)

May 14 (Fri)
18:30~ KBS 'Music Bank'

May 15 (Sat)
16:10~ MBC 'Show! Music Core'
18:00~ KBS1 'Love Request'-"All of you belong to one family in Korea" (Jamshil School Gymnasium)
(19:00~ Rain'll make a special guest in Kim Jang-Hoon & Psy's concert (Jamshil Main Stadium))

May 16 (Sun)
16:10~ SBS 'Live Popular Songs'
18:00~ KBS1 Opening Broadcast (broadcast)

*The contents in the green letters are not yet official.

Brief translation credit: rain

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