Monday, May 03, 2010

MBLAQ's 'GO' is too afraid to tell Rain, "I want to have a girl friend."

In SBS TV 'Haha Mong Show' aired last 1st,' Narsha and Gahin ('Brown Eyed Girls'), 'Hyo Yon' and 'Soo Young' (Girls' Generation), 'GO' (5 male group 'MBLAQ'), 'Ki' (Shiny), and 'Seungri and 'Dae Seong' (Big Bang), including Haha' and 'MC Mong' (the MCs) appeared, and burst into their witty words.

In particular, what they had long hoped for came true, and they were complaining that their bosses inwardly prevent them from dating with their girl friends. They spoke as one on this matter and asserted "Each of our boss has a responsibility in securing our free love."

MBLAQ's member GO trained by Rain, exposed Rain's picky personality and made the guests a present of laughter.

GO said, "We're afraid Rain'll be reluctant to admit what each of us has a girl friend. Once he told us - "Whichever of you has a new girl friend, you'd better make a clean breast of it. If so, I'll set up a secret rendezvous for you."

But If we take risks like that we are gonna die. He would probably force us to practice by saying "How come you don't practice?"

Source: Review Star
Brief translation credit: rain

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