Friday, May 14, 2010

MBLAQ GO 'Master Rain, Master's specialty is taking and giving back'

Group MBLAQ's GO has unhinderly talked about entertainment director Rain's forgetfulness.

GO revealed an episode with Rain on the episode of SBS 'Strong Heart' that was aired on the 11th, with the topic of "The eraser inside Rain's head."

GO said "One day Rain hyung came into the practice room fully drunk letting us listen to a song that was to be the best song after 'Rainism' and then explained to us about the dance, concept, etc.." and "After two weeks of hard work practicing all remains of that song was gone," and explained the situation of that time.

And then he exposed his loss by saying "I was wondering where that song went and found it listed as the fourth track in Rain's Special Album." It was nothing more than the song that was about to be MBLAQ?s song, 'The Same.' After listening to GO's words, Rain flared nonsense by saying "No matter how much I tried to teach them they weren't able to take it in so what could I do" and then retorted by saying "MBLAQ's new title song 'Y' was supposed to be originally on my album instead."

GO's explosion did not stop here. Go made the guests laugh by saying "One day we received Rain's clothes to wear and the members and I split it and wore it practicing. However one day Rain came in asking why we were wearing his clothes then took one whole outfit and then went back out."

After exposing his thoughts of sadness GO was also able to have his dream of standing on the same stage as Rain. He went out with Rain and threw away the competition while dancing to the abs dance. Although GO danced and also told stories of Rain on the final round of Strong Heart, but unfortunately Mentor Rain took the trophy.

On the other hand, on this day Rain revealed to the question of who he remembers doing a kiss scene with the most, by answering Shin Mina because "We kissed so passionately that we made NGs more than 10 times."

On this episode of 'Strong Heart' Go, Rain, Lee Taegon, Super Junior's Kim Heechul, T-ara's Jiyeon, and more gave the audience a lot of laughter by exposing fun episodes.

Source: Seoul NTN
Translatin: mir-ified@AbsoluteMBLAQ
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