Monday, May 17, 2010

Lee Hyori, "The sound of Rain taking off his clothes and applying lotion..."

Kpop sexy queen Lee Hyori talks about the incident which had made her look at Rain as a member of the opposite gender.

The 2 of them were recently present for the filming of MBC 'Come To Play'. During the filming, Lee Hyori said, "I have never looked at Rain as someone from the opposite gender, but an incident which happened a while back have made me changed the way I look at him."

She added, "I went to the same tanning shop that Rain goes. And our rooms were separated by a partition which has an opening on top. In the next room, I heard Rain taking off his shirt and applying the lotion. And I don't know why, I started imagining things." and everyone in the studio burst out in laughter.

With Lee Hyori's truthful confession, the MC then asked Rain, "Have you thought of Lee Hyori as someone from the opposite gender?" And Rain's firm answers had got Lee Hyori appearing shy and stammering.

This episode featuring the 2 will also be the last episode after 6 weeks.

Source: MyDaily
Credit: K Bites

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