Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lee Hyo Ri: 'Hara is Information Source about Idol Groups'

On the episode of KBS 2TV's "Happy Together" that aired on May 13, Lee Hyo Ri, Rain, Goo Hara, and Lee Joon from MBLAQ appeared and had a pleasant time.

In the episode, Goo Hara said that she and Lee Hyo Ri go to the same hair salon, and once when she met Lee Hyo Ri at the salon, Lee Hyo Ri asked, "Among idol group members, who are the couples?" Hara disclosed the fact that Lee Hyo Ri is very much interested in the world of idol groups. After listening to her disclosure, Lee Hyo Ri said, "These days, when Rain or I go to broadcasting station, we usually do not come out from the waiting room, but idol group members exchange their thoughts through their eyes and they go in and out of the restroom. So, I was just curious." And Yoo Jae Seok asked Goo Hara whether she gave the requested information to Lee Hyo Ri. Hara said, "I told about some members, but she said that she already knew the story, but actually I think that she did not know about them at all." With her utterance, she drew a big laugh.

Yoo Jae Seok said, "Meanwhile, when Lee Hyo Ri told me about idol groups, she tended to be very knowledgeable about their lives, but actually it was not true that she knows everything." Yoo Jae Seok made a disappointed face, causing Lee Hyo Ri to become embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Rain revealed his unique sense of economy and created an uproar in the set. Rain said, "These days, idol groups are usually made up of more than five members, so when they come to me to say hello, they give me only one CD, but I have to give more than five CDs to them. So, I asked them to choose a representative to come and say hello to me." MC Shin Bong Sun asked, "When Girls Generation members come to you, you might be stumped because you have to give nine CDs." But, Rain answered with smile, "When it comes to Girls Generation, I definitely have to give nine CDs to them."

Writer: Contributing Reporter Kim Min Ha
Source: KBS Global Entertainment News

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