Friday, May 28, 2010

[English Translation] 10 Ways to know Rain

This is an excerpt from a Chinese Magazine: Fans Club 2010 No. 10. The interview is based on Man We Love from Cosmopolitan. At the end there is a page on "10 Ways to know about Rain" Enjoy!

10 ways to know Rain

1. I can't give a lot of pocket money to my sister! My income is managed by my father. I also only get pocket money from him, haha!

2. If I am drunk I will sleep. It seems I haven't made any big mistakes.

3. Want to do washing on my abs? Haha, but that will tickle me, so I don't think washing is possible.

4. The song I like to sing most? It's quite difficult that every time a new album is released I have to change to a new song. But probably I will choose "Bad Guy". It's the song which brought me to my present position.

5. I still remember now my nervousness when I stood on the stage for the first time. And I try my best not to forget this nervous feeling. Because such pure feeling is the motivation for me to stand on the stage.

6. Why I keep changing about my ideal type? Haha, may be this is because I'm getting older? I pay more attention to feeling now, a beautiful woman with a warm feeling, who is passionate with her work. I like such kind of person.

7. Do I want to become sexy? I don't think about that when I'm alone.

8. There are times when my status will bring some inconvenience, like I can't just take a walk in the street. However if I go for a meal, and I receive preferential treatment then I want to say, it's not bad when you are famous, haha.

9. A younger or older girl friend doesn't really matter. It's OK to be 5-6 years younger or older.

10. I want to be a person who has influence on others. This is my dream. If you don't have a dream, then you don't really matter to anybody. Why? Because you won't work hard!

Source & credit: rainhk / huhuhuhu

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