Thursday, April 01, 2010

Rain's sexy ballad itself that is irresistible and tempting

The pictures that bring out Rain's sex appeal in sharp relief have been released in large quantities.

These things that are the cover pictures for his special album will be included in it, and will be opened to the public at the same time as the release of the album on April 7th.

In the cover pictures, Rain has bared the upper that includes his clavicle, muscular chest, and his six pack, emphasizing on the part of his eyelashes, that is exciting women.

There has been an enthusiastic response to his released pictures, "He's looking sexier than ever!", "I can’t stress enough what a sexy man he is.", "I can't get enough of his bare upper body."

Rain's special album was originally going to be released on April 1st, but its release has been delayed until the 7th to mourn over the death of navy sailors who met with an incident where the Navy warship sank.

Meanwhile, Rain's title track 'The Song To Make You Want To Stay (Neol Bootjabul Norae)' for his special album is sensationally popular, having swept all the online music charts as soon as it was released last month before the sale of the album.

Source: Edaily
Brief translation credit: rain

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