Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rain'll sing his song at his former manager's wedding on April 25, 2010

Rain and 'Gu Tae-Won', J.Tune Camp's director and Rain's former manager, have shared both joys and sorrows since Rain's debut.

Rain'll attend 'Gu Tae-Won's wedding in Apgujung-dong's 'Convention Wedding Hall' on April 25 at 2pm and will sing his song to celebrate 'Gu's wedding, taking time out of his busy schedule.

'Choi Seon-Ah', 'Gu's bride-to-be and Rain's hairdresser, has also worked with Rain for a long time.

In a phone call with Kukki news on the 22nd, 'Gu Tae-Won' said, "Although Rain was very busy at the Ninja Asassin shooting overseas, he had never forgotten to ask after my father who was in poor health at that time. Rain has always been very helpful to me in joy and sorrow, so I just want to express my gratitude to him."

An official from Rain's agent expressed on the phone, "Rain has always spared no effort since he spent many years with his former agent JYP Entertainment at that time when he was particularly busier than he is now, if there's anything he can do to help for his acquaintances.

He can't help it when he is beyond the sea, but he tries to take good care of his acquaintances' family events when he stays in Korea."

Source: Kukki news
Brief translation credit: rain

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