Friday, April 30, 2010

Rain wants a woman who is quite nice during the daytime, but who is sexy during night time

SBS radio show 'Curl Two Show'

Singer and actor Rain described his changed ideal woman.

Rain was recently on SBS radio show 'Curl Two Show' as a guest. On the day of the pre-recording of the show, he celebrated his 8th debut anniversary, and his face was bright throughout.

In particular, when the DJ asked him about his ideal woman, he answered, "My ideal woman has been changed, so I like a sexy woman." "I like a nice woman during the daytime, while I like a sexy woman during night time."

Continuing, he had the DJ in fits of laughter with his joke by saying "I want to be raised by such a woman who will lead me."

This show will be heard on SBS ETV 'TV Curl Two Show' which is a seen radio broadcast on May 5 at 9pm.

Source: Today Korea
Brief translation credit: rain

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