Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rain talks about MBLAQ

(Kim Jaedong)
While raising blaqies, I think that as the producer there would be many mental suffereings?
I even think that honestly this can be your deepest affliction
This transformation...

Thankfully in reality our MBLAQ friends are working really hard.
They are working really hard right now and they are receiving a lot of everyone's love...although they are still newbies.

And finally their second album is coming out probably in the beginning of May.
But something that I can say confidently is that they stole the titles song that was going to be my own title song. To that extent with this one everyone is going to be surprised a lot. Do they have that kind of side to them... (he's saying this is what people are going to think)

So honestly I'm not worried about our MBLAQ friends but if there is one thing that I am worried about is that I myself have come to about almost 10 years with the name Rain and doing it I have received a lot of hurt and I still have a far way to go

So the thing is if you're an idol there's this thing. It's the same thing as having the job as a celebrity and then within that celebrity they have the job as an idol. For people like us, it's okay. Because of the fact that we have aged and have had some experience and the skills to do it...

But for these children honestly, at such a young age they are at such a high position already and they can get hurt. I wish that the MBLAQ friends can later look back when they have succeeded and then win over that factor.

I wish they became strong friends but...It's not the fact that they receive a lot of money or that they don't or the fact that they work with me or they don't but I wish that they don't get hurt but later look back in life and think that I worked really hard under a great master and that they too can make more children like themselves. So I wish that our MBLAQ friends can become friends that will be strong and win over all the trials and courses.

Apart from the fact of succeeding..They don't even have to succeed. If they fail or succeed there is still going to be trials and error...They don't have succeed but I hope that as a person either at a fundamental problem or a moralistic problem they won't have hard times and win through it all.

Source: Bestiz
Translation: mir-ified @AbsoluteMBLAQ.net
Credit: Daily K Pop News

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