Friday, April 30, 2010

Rain, "Singer Psy makes me depart from the daily routine."

SBS Intimate note 3 (2)
SBS Intimate note 3
SBS Intimate note 3 (1)

Recently, singer and actor Rain, singer Psy who is one of Rain's acquaintances, 'Danny Ahn' who is Rain's close senior and group GOD's former member, and MBLAQ's member 'Lee Joon' pre-recorded SBS show program 'Intimate Note - Luxurious Dining Table'.

Episode 1:

Rain has a special acquaintance with singer Psy.

Rain said, "I'm on terms of intimacy with JYP or 'Yang Hyun-Seok', but there's a big age gap between them and me, so I'm sometimes ill at ease with them.

But, because Psy first opens his heart to me, before I know I think I never feel so cordial as when he is before me. We all want to depart from the daily routine and I am no exception. Since when I dare not think of the deviation, but having known Psy, I come to be able to experience an act of deviance."

When asked, "Do you mean that you get crooked before Psy?", Rain mended the situation by saying, "What I mean is a kind of good deviance." Continuing, "Psy makes me renounce the world."

Episode 2:

Recalling the Ninja Assassin shooting, Rain said, "There is nothing so hard to bear as what I want to eat. After finishing the shoot, I ate up to 20,000 calories a day."

He listed all kind of food he had eaten after the shoot, which took every guest by surprise.

Episode 3:

Rain said, "Until now, I've broken up with my 4 girl friends."

He spoke frankly, "A female model asked me out on a date when I was active with my 2nd album, but I refused to go out with her."

SBS 'Intimate Note - Luxurious Dining Table' will be aired on April 30 at 9:55pm.

Source: Joy News, Newsen, Newsen
Brief translation credit: rain

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