Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rain @ SBS TV Show


'Jin Ji-Hee': Rain is coming? Bi oppa (Rain) is really coming? Finally I've come to meet Rain.

- Harry ('Jin Ji-Hee' ) meets Rain -

(Harry is the character's name in sitcom 'Do High Kicks After Boring A Hole In The Roof')


This fundraiser, 'the 10th SBS Hope TV', has started to help fund a project to help the center build a special sanitarium for the victims of Lou Gehrig's disease.


Rain: Hello.

(She hears the voice of Rain.)


(Finally she's come to meet Rain who is a man of her dreams.)


(Once she saw Rain's face, she couldn't say anything and was being very embarrassed.)


'Jin Ji-Hee': I've missed you Oppa (Rain) very much.

Rain: Thanks a lot.


'Jin Ji-Hee': Did you happen to see my sitcom? (to Rain) (Rain answered, "Yes, of course")

In the sitcom, I said, "I'm going to make you my husband."


'Jin Ji-Hee': Hi, Mister Psy (or Psy Samchoon) (who is a singer sitting next to Rain)

(When she was respectful towards Psy, ending sentence with Mister (Samchoon or uncle) even though he is a little older than Rain, everyone burst into laughter)


Rain: I think the main thing is to pay attention to those who need.


Director: (I guess you have something to ask Rain to do) This is the last opportunity for you to ask Rain to do.


'Jin Ji-Hee': Please hold me tight in your arms.


Rain: I hope you to remember that your small support will give them big encouragement. (so participate hard)

'Hope TV', fighting! (together)

Video credit: ratoka@youtube.com / rainhk
Source: Nate.com
Brief translation credit: rain bird@rain-eu.com

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