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Rain @ KBS Cool FM Radio "Pop Song Plaza" on April 28, 2010

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MC: The best present has arrived here. Rain, his name says it all. There is no need to apply any epithet to him. He is here. Nice to meet you, Rain.


Rain: Hi, KBS FM radio Family. Long time no see. This is singer Rain.


MC: On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of your debut, you've first been on our radio today. I know you debuted on April 28th, 2002. Congrats on your 8th anniversary of your debut. So yeah, there seems to be close ties between you and me.

Rain: I guess you are right. When I'm free, I'll drop by your studio.


MC: The response to your 'Love Song' has been fantastic.

Rain: Contrary to my former song 'The Way To Avoid The Sun', this song is a Korean style ballad and has connotations of spare and sexy beauties, with soft melody and moderate choreography.

I wanted to show my moderate choreography without losing my performance to meet your expectations through this song, while 'Hip Song' is composed with combinations of many performances.


MC: In your 'Love Story' music video, you captured the netizens with your tantalizingly fine acting and performance.

Rain: My whole thing that wasn't shown in the MV when performing will be shown during my concert.


MC: Many of leading names such as singer 'Lee Hyo-Ri', even 'Park Myung-Soo' who is a gagman, idol groups including 2PM, etc. have entered into competition for the top position soon after your comeback to the musical stage.

Rain: In particular, I think such a singer like 'Lee Hyo-Ri' or me should get away from the conflicting design of old and new, and should be dedicated to work on a broader stage beyond the limited opportunity. So I try to enjoy working with the idol groups, without any competition. When 'Park Myung-Soo' announced that he would compete me with good intent from the side, I was less hurt than surprised, and it bothers me that there is a rivalry between him and me. So I've been very bothered by his challenge. (they burst into laughter)


MC: I heard the phrase, "you'll be landed on the island sometime, even though the waves are constantly crashing in" was engraved in your mind before your debut.

Rain: I had thought "Someday I'll be rewarded if I work off steam." even though the future looked bleak for me at that time.


MC: MBLAQ produced by you said, "On holidays, when we sent our belated text greetings to Rain, he looked angry and crumpled up a 50000 won bill several times and then unfolded it." They thought, "Since we did send him a belated text message to say hello, he seemed to become upset, but nobody knew why he crumpled up and unfolded it."

Rain: I think they missed the point. Actually, it was all the same to me whether they sent the text message or not. The long and short of what I have to say is this. As the leopard can't change his spots, someday their talent will be known to the world if they work hard.


MC: Don't you like some sort of milk with the mixture of strawberries?

Rain: I'm not particularly fond of it. I used to like chocolate milk, but now I like such milk not to get mixed up with something else.


MC: They say you are often seen to run around with men throughout Sinsa-dong after 10 at night.

Rain: I also want to date with my girl friend, but there aren't many women around me, and we're just good friends even though such women work with me, therefore, hanging around with my male friends makes me feel better.

MC: I think you should look for your Miss Right in Hollywood.

Rain: I've visited the world and seen many things, but I think every single woman in the world including Korean is so beautiful.


MC: What do you do usually when you meet your male friends?

Rain: We usually find fault with those who skip the meeting. (laughter)

I feel ill at ease when I step out, so I want to place a bug in the place. (laughter)


MC: I heard your dream is to become a good father.

Rain: Yes, when I'm my mid-thirties or my late thirties, I may get married.

I've longed to find somebody who understands my work, and I hope my future wife and I can be best friends for everlasting and can enjoy life together.


MC: Please make the shape of a heart with your hands.

Rain: (After doing so) I don't seem to act my age. However, at age 29, I'm still 19 at heart. I'm sorry.


MC: What's MBLAQ like to you?

Rain: I'll be with them like my own brothers, and try to always take care of them.


MC: Do you try some airline cuisines on the plane?

Rain: Sometimes I don't eat the foods that are not to my taste. In the case, Soon after getting off the plane, I get something to eat at a restaurant. I sometimes carry a food bag right on the airplane when I travel, when I'm dieting.


MC: Please hold my hand.

Rain: Your hand is so soft.

MC: Your hand is so warm.


MC: Could you be on this show as a regular? This recording can take place at your house if you are too busy.

Rain: I'll think about it. If so, I think I'll try to do, grilling on my outdoor barbecue, but I'm very good at lying. (laughter)


MC: "Try as somebody may, he or she can not succeed." What do you think of this?

Rain: Whether he or she will succeed or not depends entirely on his or her efforts, but if you continue trying, you are bound to find the answer, and every effort you make will be rewarded. If you only focus on one thing, you'll have great success in your field.


MC: Like you said in a press conference, your success outnumbers your failure by a proportion of 7 to 3.

Rain: My failure is mainly due to my negligence. During the Ninja Assassin, it was too hard to be trained, so I was thinking of quitting that shoot, and I even wished my plane to crash. Since I get easily tired and the function of my liver is poor after working hard, I've recently taken nutritional supplements recommended by JYP who loses sleep. Anyway, I tried not to lose my identity at that time. On the other hand, what I've gained my fans and what I've had an opportunity to crack the overseas market are becoming a significant part of my success.


MC: What pleased you most recently?

Rain: I was most happy when many lucrative advertising deals were offered.

I hope I'll make more money than MBLAQ by featuring in advertisements, but I meant it for a joke. (When asked about that)


MC: You look cute because your eyes are swollen.

Rain: My eyes have originally been swollen. They say my swollen eyes are charming.


Rain: It doesn't matter whether my future wife is 10 years senior to me or 10 years younger than me.


MC: What do you usually do on the plane?

Rain: I sometimes sign autographs for stewardesses when each of them leaves a piece of paper on my desk. But first of all, I can hang up my cellphone, I can relax, I can watch movies, and I can be lost in deep thought.


MC: What is your life-time goal?

Rain: My final goal is to become a good father, and I want to live happily with my family.


MC: But some of your fans hope you to remain unmarried all your life.

Rain: No, it's impossible. It can't be.


MC: Thank you for being on the show.

Rain: I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for having me.

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