Thursday, April 01, 2010

Rain has transformed to a god of the earth on a TV commercial

Singer Rain has transformed to a god of the earth who announces the life force of spring on TV commercial for cosmetics brand Nature Republic.

This TV CF which shows Rain was shot with the 'Cheju Island's forests inspired by nature as the backdrop on the 16th of last month and will be aired on TV from the 3rd April.

According to an official from Nature Republic, "This CF shows spring being in the air, but the weather was actually the absolute worst in Cheju Island for a shooting location at that time.

It was too cold and really windy there and the crew wore many layers of clothing, but Rain professionally showed great enthusiasm all through the shoot, never letting it show even though it was quite hard on him because he had to cover himself just by a sleeveless shirt and had to step on the ground with an injured foot during the shoot."

Source: Star news
Brief translation credit: rain

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