Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain gets an exercise equipment as a present from actress 'Lee Chae-Young'

During the pre-recording of SBS TV's show program 'Strong Heart', actress 'Lee Chae-Young' expressed that there is a special connection between world star Rain and her, "My role in Rain's 'I Do' music video eventually led to dramas, thus, I've been active in the showbiz."

In particular, during the pre-recording, she is known to have given an exercise equipment designed to strengthen the stomach muscles to him as a gift in return for his help. It is said Rain who is hung up about fitness was very pleased when he got the present.

'Strong Heart' was scheduled for broadcast on Tuesday, but it has been cancelled because of a period of mourning in memory of the victims due to the sunken warship.

Source: Prime Economy
Brief translation by rain

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