Friday, April 02, 2010

Rain asks "Shall we Lotte?" in New CF

Many of you are patiently waiting for Rain / Bi's comeback, which was delayed to April 7th due to the unfortunate naval ship tragedy. You'll still have to wait for that but in the mean time you can check this out. With Rain's pending comeback in mind, Korean conglomerate Lotte has released a new CF featuring the superstar.

The CF is titled CLASSIC & POP and features a cellist (classic) dancing with Rain (pop). At the end of the CF, Rain ask "Shall we Lotte?" which I'm sure many of the fan girls would love to do. Not only that but he also says "Be the Best" or it also could be interpreted as "Bi, The Best"... which would be a bit narcissistic so I'm assuming it's the former. Anyways thanks to kimmey_09 for the tip and check the CF below.

Source: Allkpop

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