Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2PM for comeback stage on M!Countdown, showdown with Rain-Lee Hyori

2PM will have their first comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown.

After releasing their 3rd single 'Don't Stop Can't Stop' on 19th April, 2PM will have their comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown on 22nd April. It is said that the group will be performing 2 songs 'Without U' and 'Don't Stop Can't Stop' off the single.

And for the show this week, singers like Rain, who has won #1 with the song 'Love Song' on the show for 2 weeks consecutively’ and Lee Hyori with 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'.

The CP of M!Countdown commented, "With the comeback of the big stars like Rain and Lee Hyori on M!Countdown, the show has received much love from viewers. With the reform of the show only in February, we will continue to work hard to produce more accurate and faster music ranking, as well as collaboration for special stages."

Source: Newsen
Credit: K bites

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