Tuesday, March 30, 2010

RAIN's Comeback Stages to be Delayed

It seems that singer Rain's comeback delay is inevitable. This is because there is high chance that all 3 major music shows will not be going on air for the 1st week of April.

Initially there are plans for Rain to have his comeback with the song 'Love Story' to be released on 1st April and will go on the 3 major music shows KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo from 2nd to 4th April for his comeback stages.

But with the CheonAhnHam sinking incident, there is high possibility that the 3 music shows will not be on air considering the society atmosphere. And it may mean that Rain’s comeback stage may be delayed.

A Music Bank official said on 30th March, "Music Bank will not be on air on 2nd April due to the CheonAhnHam sinking incident." MBC Music Core also stated that they will not be going on air on 3rd April since they are not a ranking show.As for SBS Inkigayo, discussions are still in the midst regarding whether they will go on air on 4th April.

Source: StarNews
Credit: K Bites

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