Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rain the wrestler flaunts his strength on the streets

Officially back to Korea for his impending activities on BACK TO THE BASIC as a singer, Rain has launched off his public appearance, by wrestling his fans on the bustling streets of Myung Dong! Stripping off his elegant image of a world superstar, Rain Jung Ji Hoon has once again lived up to the name of the most perfect man in Korea by defeating all four participants!

The reason for displaying such an exotic show (?) was actually to keep a promise he made with the netizens, for a segment on KBS 2TV's talk show, Win Win. This corner, namely Keep the Promise Project, follows a unique format where the show offers the netizens to pledge to perform an anything of bizarre nature, in exchange of the celebrity committing something out-of-normal as well. On this very episode, Rain was to keep the promise of having a wrestling battle on the open streets.

To give a sneak peek of its "bizarreness," that big brown thing with four legs you see in the pictures below is an actual cow, whereas those screaming people in the background are actual random pedestrians...

Make sure to catch this episode on April 4th!

Source: Allkpop

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