Monday, March 29, 2010

Rain with cellist 'Song Young-Hoon' selected as models exclusively for Lotte Department Store

Lotte (1)

Lotte Department Store expressed on the 29th that singer and actor Rain and cellist 'Song Young-Hoon' will work as models exclusively for that company while it will have a spring sale for 7 months from the 2nd of next month.

Rain has been picked because there is a thread of connections between Rain who is working as a goodwill ambassador for Green Growth as of 2010 and Lotte Department Store, the keynote of which pursuits a goal which protects the environment from pollution. Also, cellist Song Young-Hoon' has been highly rated for his various cultural and educational activities.

The company's advertising film where Rain and Song were photographed against a background of the shopping space inside of Lotte Department Store, will be aired on TV.

Source: Yonhap news
Brief translation credit: rain

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