Monday, March 29, 2010

Rain reveals his mournful kissing scene with actress 'Han Ye-Seul' in the second teaser for the title track of his special album

Singer and actor Rain revealed the second teaser, which has a scene where Rain tenderly kisses actress 'Han Ye-Seul', for the title track of his special album at noon on the 29th, and the teaser was enough to move the hearts of his fans because there is a scene where he kisses her lip mournfully.

The image of a powerful performance and a six pack man often come to mind when you think about Rain, but you can find him tenderly attractive through this teaser.

Rain seems to be prepared to touch women's hearts with his transformation to a soft man this spring, showing his romantic and sweet kiss.

This teaser will be opened to the public on portal website Daum for 12hours, and Rain'll release his special album upcoming April 1st and will start to be active in domestic showbiz.

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Source : Newsen
Brief translation credit: rain

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