Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rain plans to secretly combine a TV drama shoot with his concert tour

Rain plans to secretly combine a TV drama shoot with his concert tour, so he is attracting the entertainment industry's interest.

According to officials from the entertainment world on the 23rd, Rain plans to film a drama throughout Asia, combining it with his Asia Tour concert which will be held in June.

The reason is that the drama where he'll appear is based in Asia, but because the full truth of the drama is still being kept under wraps, the shoot will be done, being closed to the public.

Rain doesn't want to find out the public to be interested in the drama before his musical activities even start when he is about to come back to work as a singer.

Also, he remembers that his previously planned drama had fallen through at the last minute because it had been released in advance.

Even so, there is an extreme amount of focus on his every move from the entertainment industry. Not surprisingly, many entertainment agents are busy grasping which drama he'll appear in and what actress will work with him.

Since Rain's regular album is also scheduled to be released in November, this drama is expected to be shot in the way that it is produced in advance.

Source: Star News
Brief translation credit: rain bird@rain-eu.com

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