Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rain, " I'll show my dances and performances which belong to a different sphere from what has been shown until now."

Back to the Basic
Back to the basic (1)

The countdown to Rain's comeback to work as a singer has begun without his jacket.

He is about to return to the musical industry 18 months after his 5th album Rainism in October, 2008, and his comeback code is based on a man's sex appeal.

Therefore, he's expected to put an end to what we call Animal-dols or Sexy-dols advocated by idol groups while he was away. Through the teaser clip for his comeback, such expectations have closely been revealed.

In his picture and teaser clip for his special album released for two consecutive days, Rain used his characteristic strength and refined masculine, and characterized his sexy line as his picturesque six pack and pubic muscles.

His extreme makeover also goes against our expectations. The hair falling over his shoulders and the long eyelashes represent a new departure for him as a trend-setter.

Rain's agent J.Tune Entertainment expressed, "Rain has been prepared well enough to joke with a serious look 'I'd love to show my new songs and performances like crazy'.

His image has entirely been matched to the music concept. Something that will surprise you has not yet been released", which is increasing his fans' expectations more.

This album includes total 5 songs, and more than half of both the words and the music of these songs have been directly written by Rain.

The title track's name has been confirmed as 'The Song To Capture You', but further details of its genre have not yet been announced. The agent side only just mentioned about this, "The strong beat sound used as a background music is one of all the tracks."

Rain recently said in an event hall, being full of confidence, "I've treated myself for this comeback, losing about 10 kilograms gained after the Ninja Assassin shooting. My dances and performances which belong to a different sphere from what has been shown until now are being prepared, so you'll be obliged to fall in love."

The teaser has been getting an explosive response from netizens, as his official homepage site went down when it was overwhelmed by a rush of hits shortly after it was released.

The site passed the one hundred thousand mark for simultaneous log-ins as of 5pm on the 23rd. (12 hours after the release), and he set a new record in this field.

Rain's special album 'Back To The Basic' will be unveiled on & off line upcoming April 1st, and he'll return to the stage through KBS 2TV's music program 'Music Bank' on April 2nd after his music video and sound will successively be released within this month.

Source: Daily Hankook, Economy Today
Brief translation credit: rain

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