Sunday, March 21, 2010

Of course top star Rain makes mistakes. Even so, he's just so cute

The scene of Rain's mistake has been printed on TV viewers' memories.

MBC TV's entertainment program 'Section TV Ent News' aired last 19th, conducted a survey asking TV viewers at what scene on TV programs they roar with laughter most on specialists from each field and 1,169 viewers, and decided the ranks. As a result, Rain's mistake in his choreography ranked top cheerfully.

While he was singing his hit song 'Fresh Woman' at the time (in 2008), his one eye was hit by his glasses frame as he began his glasses performance in his own inimitable way, so that situation caused the viewers to burst out laughing rather than to be in admiration of his performance.

In particular, they couldn't hide their amusement at the way his eyes were being crinkled up in a smile due to his eye by a hit.

Source: TV Daily
Brief translation Credit: rain

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