Sunday, March 21, 2010

MBLAQ [G.O.] Talking about Rain

GO, one member of 5 male group MBLAQ produced by Rain, appeared on "Sweet Though's Ten Ten Club" which is one of SBS Power FM's seen radio programs, on Mar.19th, 2010.

While on the subject of workaholic, GO talked about him (Rain).

MC: I know that Rain is still such a perfectionist or workaholic who is displeased by anything that does not meet very high standards, even though he has already maintained the top spot through his endless efforts.

GO: That's right!

No matter how it gets, we can never spend less time rehearsing, because Rain always acts on his own initiative.

One day, not long after finishing our dinner, Rain who didn't know our situation had us rehearse for the next day's performance, but we couldn't possibly refuse his offer.

When we spoke with him concerning our situation after finishing rehearsing even though our stomachs ached bad, he said, "Why didn't you say that in the first place?"

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