Wednesday, March 31, 2010

[Live] Rain at Shanghai Expo CountDown Event (30/03/2010)



It's Raining

We are the World

Shanghai is raining heavily now.

About 20 minutes ago, Rain performed for Shanghai Expo CountDown music show

Rain was the last singer to perform.

Rain sang "Rainism" and "It's Raining"

It's a outdoor performance and it's raining heavily, when he sang "Rainism" - I'm gonna be a bad boy
I gotta be a bad boy". He accidentally slipped just one second, he got up immediately, and smiled back to his dancers. He looked very okay, then continued to sing the song.

At last, he sang "We are the World" with other overseas guest singers. Rain has 2 solo portion. He sang very nice with English.

Source: Slightly reported by Cuckoo from New York
Credit: rainhk
Picture Source: rainbar
Credit: baidu

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