Monday, March 22, 2010

Rain's special album's jacket picture is a shock in itself.


Rain who is about to stage a comeback whose special album's jacket picture is a shock in itself.

The jacket picture of singer Rain's special album has finally been on general release.

As Rain released his special album 'Back To The Basic's jacket picture on the morning of the 22nd, his every move is drawing people's attention.

The provocativeness of the way he wears make-up has been shown with the hair falling over his shoulders and with the false eyelashes that are long.

According to his agent J.Tune Entertainment, "Telephone calls and the internet message board have been coming flooding from his fans both abroad and here at home since Rain announced his plan to release his special album through his official homepage last 15th. For this reason, we've decided to take the unplanned pre-order. Unbeknown to himself, he has been doing musical activties for 8 years, but this album means that he tries to remember when he first began."

Meanwhile, Hot Tracks, Yes24, Interpark, Aladdin, Sinara and so on which are online websites, are to receive the pre-order from the 22nd for Rain's special album officially due out next April 1st.

Source: Asia Economy
Brief translation credit: rain

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