Wednesday, March 31, 2010

[31 March 10 Fan account] See Rain off at Pudong Airport

I met up with two other fans as soon as I arrived at Pudong airport at about 10 am. They told me that the dancers had already gone inside, with no sight of Rain. Instead, we saw Rain's security manager outside on the pedestrian curb. Obviously he was waiting for the car and was directing other cars to move away! I walked up and asked him if we could wait for Rain here. He was very nice. He said yes, but we must not touch him and we could not take photos.

So we waited across the street. Very soon a black Audi approached and stopped right ahead. Our prince got out from the car. He was wearing yellow T shirt inside with a light blue denim jacket, jeans and very clean, white sneakers with bright yellow stripes. He has his headphone on, but no sun glass and no hat. He looked absolutely cool and handsome.

He walked right towards us. I have prepared in advance what I would do when I see him: I will give him the chocolate which I was not able to give him on his arrival. I will tell him Back to the Basic was great. I also want to tell him "you look fantastic". But when he was right in front of me I was just totally speechless. I couldn't spurt out one single word. Instead we just followed him inside the airport building.

He walked fast, without much expression. There were not many of us. We all fell behind and had to keep up our pace with him. I couldn't say a word, I just fixed my eyes on his tall back, absorbing the sight of him. When we were close to the security gate, I gave the chocolate to one of his staff and asked him to pass to Rain. When our prince was about to enter the security gate, I finally managed to call him: "Rain!" He waved to us and gave us a smile and turned to go, and I’m not even sure if he heard it when I said "See you in Seoul".

I know I acted like a stupid girl! I was totally awed in front of 비느님!


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